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Sunflowers and Serendipity - A Family Story

Tucked away in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina, lies a place that's pure magic for us locals—the Biltmore Estate. Throughout the year, this gem becomes our haven, but it's the sunflower-lined bike path from Antler Hill Village to the Lagoon during the height of Summer that truly steals our hearts.

Picture this: my wife, our son, and me, riding alongside rows of radiant sunflowers, topped with a deer bouncing across our path! Check out our latest Instagram reel to catch your own glimpse!

Long shot of sunflower field along bike path with mountains in the background and view from behind young boy riding a bike on the path
Cash riding alongside the sunflowers

Let's rewind to 2007, a year that started it all. Back then, my wife and I were part of the crew at the Bistro at the Biltmore. Little did we know that the Lagoon, our secret steal-away on breaks, would become our retreat for years to come. That Lagoon witnessed our story unfold, from early dating days to the family we are now.

But the sunflowers… they're another character in this family story! They're not just petals; they're pieces of our journey. Back in the day, I'd put sunflowers on Kristin’s car—a gesture that now symbolizes so much. And as we pedal down the bike path this Summer, those sunflowers are a constant reminder of our story's roots.

Picture of a picture frame with a close up of smiling couple standing in front of the sunflowers at the Biltmore Estate.  Man is squinting with one eye from sunlight and woman has sunglasses on her head
Look how young we are! At Biltmore's sunflower field in 2007

The Biltmore Estate isn't just a pretty face; it feeds our souls too. The Bistro, where our love story ignited, still holds a special place in our hearts and our family story. And the many dining spots across the estate - a culinary journey that's both comforting and indulgent for locals as well as visitors.

We're Asheville folks, lucky to have the Biltmore as our backyard getaway, or as our son grew up thinking it was called-Our Summer Home! Beyond the history and grandeur, it's a place of memories. Riding by those sunflowers and making new memories, that’s a slice of the good life sprinkled in serendipity.

Head back to our Blog/Recipe homepage for a savory Sunflower Seed Pesto Recipe, and if you’re local, head over to Biltmore now for a glimpse at what made our love story so special.

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